Here we GO! We're making the Popular plan free for life to the first 1k users.

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Subscription plans:

    • Starter

      $ 0 mo
      • Up to 10 submissions
      • No feedback rooms
      • Unlimited public feedback
      • Basic analytics
    • Popular

      $ 84 mo
      • Up to 30 submissions
      • Up to 4 feedback rooms
      • Unlimited public feedback
      • Advanced analytics
    • Pro

      $ 172 mo
      • Up to 65 submissions
      • Up to 8 feedback rooms
      • Unlimited public feedback
      • Advanced analytics

Pricing Questions :

What are submissions ?

There are 3 types of submissions which are Regular posts, Issues, and polls:
- Posts include blog posts, images, videos, and links to landing pages.
- Issues are where founders formulate their technical or strategic issues and submit them for the community to help.
- Polls are a simplistic form of A/B testing where founders submit 2 or more versions of what they're working on and get the best version upvoted by the community.

What is public feedback ?

It's the kind of feedback founders will get publicly on their posts and products. It can be in the form of comments, upvotes, or answers to questions and issues. This feedback is received from experts as well as other founders possessing experience in that specific matter, and it can be seen by everyone to help the community improve.

What is a feedback room ?

This is the place where private feedback sessions are conducted between startups and experts in their industries. You can think of it as a private live session that is focused on feedback. In those rooms the startup founder(s) connect with an expert for ~30 minutes to get specific feedback on a matter they choose initially. They can share relevant files and interact using video chat, voice chat, or simply text.